Alexandra Mcgee

church photo July 2010 AlexandraMcGeeTV SHOW GUEST. 12 26.2013. TRANSFORMING A NATION WITH SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTCY. Alexandra McGee, MDiv
Ministry Associate at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, Unitarian Universalist
717 Rugby Road, Charlottesville

Alexandra McGee serves as the Ministry Associate at the Unitarian Universalist church in Charlottesville, where she assists the senior pastor in preaching, teaching, pastoring, and prophetic outreach. The Unitarian Universalist faith matches Alex’s commitment to simple living, community, spirituality, and social justice. She finds nourishment in her Christian upbringing and her studies of the yogic texts, along with her yoga practice and prayer practice. Her undergraduate degree in women’s studies from Carleton College, and her Masters degree from Starr King School for the Ministry, give an academic perspective to her year of service in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and her six years living at Twin Oaks EcoVillage. She has also worked for the FaithTrust Institute, which educates to prevent sexual and domestic violence. Living in a Buddhist convent in Sri Lanka during the civil war shaped her understanding of suffering and compassion.