Bevin Boisvert

bevin pix 2TV SHOW 11.12.13: WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIAL SKILLS FOR LIFELONG SUCCESS? Surpassing adversaries in life that entailed raising twin girls as a single mother, Bevin’s ‘go get ‘em’ spirit pushed her to overcome obstacles that eventually led to the start of her own business. Pulling the knowledge gained from her 10+ years’ experience in real estate marketing and sales, Bevin enthusiastically took on the challenge of starting her own business in the same way she took on every other challenge, with fire, determination, and courage. These valuable skills are successful tools that we can all apply to our everyday lives. Today Bevin not only enjoys owning her own business but she is happily married and celebrating in that success with her supportive husband, David.

Raised by an architectural father in the UVA community, Bevin grew up with a respected role model who managed the family business, teaching her skills along the way that ultimately contributed to the success of her own current business. Her entrepreneurial spirit was passed down from previous generations of hard-working men and women who provided the foundation for her success. Coupled with those core qualities are Bevin’s love for giving back and returning to the community as much, if not more, than what she gains from it. She has participated in various fundraising events and is an active member of many volunteer organizations including the Design House committee and the Shelter for Help in Emergency, a service to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the shelter in support of this much worthy cause.

Bevin believes the combination for success lies in possessing a desire to be self–‐sufficient, a love of being paid “on the spot”, the creativity to capture new niches, and a fearlessness of asking simple questions. Her spirit, humor, and message will motivate even the least determined of these kindred spirits! With a motto of, “No Grass Grows Under These Feet”, how can one not embrace both drive and determination when meeting C’Ville Gold Lady’s one and only Bevin Boisvert?!