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It’s time for women to exercise their voice through action, changing behaviors and beliefs about the way life can be for a healthier and happier nation.

• The population is 52% female.
• 45% of households have women as major financial contributors. Of those, 25% are single mothers.
• 80% of the women want to know and talk about at least once a week, what’s going on with their love and family life, careers, finances and health as well as information on the state of the nation and humanitarian achievements. Women want less noise, want to be uplifted, entertained and informed with issues THEY are interested in.
• According to Google Trends at iVillage, Yahoo Shine, Facebook, BellaOnline-the largest content communities on the web for women-statistics show that the majority of all female members check in with friends, read material and listen to media before making life changing decisions.
• According to Arbitron and Briton, women’s needs, wishes and desires are not being met by radio, television, print and entertainment media because administration and executives who are predominantly males, do not see, understand or target women’s point of view.
• All studies reflect that 85% of women are the major household purchasers.
• Women have major influences over children’s safety, behavior, health and products.
• There are organizations and professionals who service and cater to women and children that most women know little about or have little time or resources to access.

Let us show you how to improve your life and/or that of your children! It’s time to act!