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* Cyber Security: Hands On
a) Anti-Virus (e.g. Settings, Network Identification, Multi-Device)
b) Cellular Phone / Tablet Security Settings (e.g. WiFi, Updates,)
c) Social Media/Website Security (e.g. Settings, Access Control, Updates)
d) Business Internet (Access Control, Security Settings, Updates)

* Device Security
With expertise in security management & military intelligence, we will cover how to keep your devices secure: including the potential for hackers to access and control your device, track your location, or intercept your charge card number when making purchases online.

* Personal Precautions
Covers personal precautions you take to protect above and beyond firewalls and IT security. Most hackers infiltrate through people: going to the local coffee shop; using the WIFI, phone calls phishing for personal information, or apps that follow you AND are hacker enabled.

* How to Get People to Come to Your Linkedin, Facebook and Websites!
Driving Traffic to Your Internet Sites- Getting an Edge on Facebook, Linkedin and Websites! These are not tips you will find in any textbook but neutral insights into getting people’s attention and then nabbing them to follow you. With very little effort, you can get people watching your every move from around the world. 1) How to utilize Facebook to the fullest 2) Designing your Linkedin account for maximum traffic 3) Driving people to link your website to theirs 4) 5 things that keep you from sabotaging your success online 5) How to maintain traffic WITHOUT having to go on everyday! 6) Expanding your email address book!

* How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur
The Psychology behind Successful Business: Businesses fail within the first five years AND Individuals have multiple careers in a lifetime. Self-knowledge plays a vital role in entrepreneurship and success in business. Do you have what it takes to run a business, ride out the hard times or know when to quit? What do you do when all hell breaks loose? During this class you will assess, explore, critique and celebrate the soft skills, hard skills and personal beliefs that enhance success as an entrepreneur or business person.
PVCC Stultz Center

* Conscious Parenting
Based on several books, especially Conscious Parenting, Magical Child, Whole Child/Whole Parent, this is a completely different perspective on the way parenting has been done in the past. It requires self-reflection, clarity of intention and understanding parent’s behavior towards children. You will never see your children the same way again!

* Children’s Bad Behavior Isn’t What You Think!
Labeling children’s Bad Behavior doesn’t change it nor is it accurate! There’s Something Better! Bad behavior is a symptom of a skill the child is lacking, not a label to attach and define them. Learn the 5 types of skills children/adults need to develop for healthy interactions; how to redirect behavior (other than familiar strategies like time-out, stickers or rewarding good behavior); learn to Active Listen children instead of questioning, preaching or screaming to transform behaviors. Books- P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training.

* Healthy Relationships
Fine Tune and Maintain Healthy Relationships. Learn to: 1)communicate using the 5 Languages of Love; 2) implement compassion, creativity, co-operation, communication and consideration; 3)effective listen and hear your partner; 4)develop realistic goals for your relationships 5) speak your truth without fear or anxiety.

* Toys That Promote Creativity and Intelligence
Advertisers keep telling us what types of entertainment and learning are best for children. Learn the truth about how best to instill creativity and intelligence with children, what toys best promote this and which hinder it.

* What Life Skills Do Your Children Need?
Self-knowledge plays a vital role in life time success. During this class you will assess, explore, critique and celebrate the soft skills, hard skills and personal beliefs that enhance life and find fulfillment and purpose.

* Can Parents Have it All?
What does it take? Is it really possible? Does one thing or another suffer? What kinds of skills do we need in order to be able to balance these complex lives we lead? Discover the tools for balancing your life, creating new models for living and lifestyle, discover your personal skills and whether or not you are able to achieve such lofty goals! What do YOU need to make it work?

* Money Drunk or Bountiful: Bringing Money into Your Life
Determine what is holding you back and get unstuck! 1) Take the Money Drunk Quiz to reveal your beliefs about money and finance. 2) Discover what your Money Blueprint is set for – your verbal programming, modeling behavior and whether your blueprint sets you up for success or failure. 3) Find creative ways to finance your life and business 4) Deadly sins that thwart money from staying in your life. 5) what to do after you have it?

* Death of a Child
Parents have difficulty in dealing with the death of an infant, child or miscarriage. This class will assist you in processing, being supported and develop skills to cope with the death of a child. All conversations are confidential. You will feel safe in this environment.

+ Benefits of Breast Feeding
Learn about the mental and physical health benefits; reduction in health care costs and child rearing costs; increasing a child’s immunities, brain development, senses and bonding through this initial stage of a child’s life. Breast Feeding is the foundation for all preventative and developmental advances in the human condition.

* Interdisciplinary Education for Educators and Parents
This class will explore various education models- Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilio, Free Schools, Democratic Schools, Schools-within-Schools, Homeschooling. This class will not only introduce you to the foundations of each of these models!

Background: Daria Brezinski, PhD, professor, psychologist, socially responsible serial entrepreneur, international speaker, national consultant, TV/Radio show host and author took an overarching, circuitous and unconventional path towards business, education and parenting. Besides a private Psychology practice as well as a College Professor in the Business and Education Departments, her business accomplishments include: a holistic health center, the first environmentally friendly wholesale/retail store, women’s promotional/educational enterprise. Dr. Brezinski is the host of TV Show- What Wize Women Want™ and radio program- Children Come First™. As president of Integrated Learning Systems™, she designed a new INTERDISCIPLINARY educational infrastructure implemented at Holma College in Höör, Sweden where she was president.

For thirty+ years, she researched best business practices, holistic health modalities, ecological solutions, religious influences, birthing practices, neurophysiological breakthroughs, educational systems, family living models, child-related legislation and laws around the world, authored publications on a variety of topics published internationally. Testifying as an Expert Witness before courts, Congress, the UN and governmental agencies, she championed for legislation to establish a more humane, relevant 21st century educational system.

Professional memberships are vast including Chamber, PWBN, American Alternative Medical Association and Association of Transpersonal Psychology.