smaller board memberssmall meExecutive Director, Daria Brezinski, PhD, Soft Skills expert, professor, concierge anthropological psychologist, socially responsible serial entrepreneur, international speaker, national consultant, TV/Radio show host and author took an overarching, circuitous and unconventional path towards business, health, education and parenting.

Besides a private Psychology practice as well as a College Professor in the Business and Education Departments, her business accomplishments include: a holistic health center (Life Creations™), the first environmentally friendly wholesale/retail store (Earthwise: A Green Store™), women’s promotional/educational enterprise (What Wize Women Want™). Dr. Brezinski is the host of TV Show- What Wize Women Want™ and radio program- Children Come First™. She has a massive online presence.

As president of Integrated Learning Systems™, she designed a new INTERDISCIPLINARY educational infrastructure implemented at Holma College in Höör, Sweden where she was president.

For thirty+ years, she researched best business practices, holistic health modalities, ecological solutions, religious influences, birthing practices, neurophysiological breakthroughs, educational systems, family living models, child-related legislation and laws around the world, authored publications on a variety of topics published internationally. Testifying as an Expert Witness before courts, Congress, the UN and governmental agencies, she championed for legislation to establish a more humane, relevant 21st century educational system.

Professional memberships are vast including Chamber, PWBN, American Alternative Medical Association and Association of Transpersonal Psychology. As community advocate, Dr. Daria has been instrumental in starting a recycling center, building a skateboard park, advocating for youth activities, mentoring entrepreneurs.

Shari alonePresident, Shari Zimmerman, has recently retired after 25 years as a Legislative Secretary with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. She also worked for the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency for 11 years. Currently, she is a photographer and enjoying retirement with her husband, John.

304364_10150296004384799_8212639_n Secretary, Sara Greenfield, has years of experience in entrepreneurship and business in many different arenas. Currently, Principal Broker at Charlottesville Fine Homes and Properties, and Executive Director of The National Ski and Board Safety Association. Check out Sara created this website and is passionate about winter injury prevention and fitness and safety programming Sara owned and operated a successful Jewelry and Gift Gallery on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall for over 25 years. As strategic planner, jewelry designer and manufacturer, contract negotiator, and optimist, she believes in women owned and operated business, and self employment opportunities for each and every person. Her brokerage specializes in the sale and purchase of green homes with healthy, sustainable, barrier free design,. As a home performance specialist she supported bringing sustainable living to the local realtor association, CAAR. Sara still works on showcasing guest speakers and providing opportunities to have community interactive learning experiences.. As The Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler Safety Coordinator she enjoys, and is a passionate advocate for injury prevention messaging and fitness programs for women of all ages. Sara coaches dozens of women, on safety, and the mechanics of running, fitness and loves to educate others to become fit and healthy through programs they can join in their own communities. Coordinating safety can be fun, she says. Safety Sara can be seen dancing and monitoring pinks and volunteering making sure the streets of Charlottesville, and the ladies running along the streets are safe and injury free for the entire summer season. Safety and injury prevention messaging is her passion. She would like to see more fitness and wellness programs and collaborations duplicated by the tourism industry and track and run associations throughout the country. They raise large amounts of money in many of the events. Lastly, she says ”there is nothing you can’t do, if you put your mind and heart into a project…it will happen.. never stop gaining the knowledge necessary to produce what you want, and enjoy the fun experiences available to you along the way..


William H. Espinosa; Legal Counsel.
Rep. Fred McIlhattan. Policital Counsel.
Karen Shepard, MACCA
Jennifer McCune. Rodian and Company.
Joanie Freeman, President Eco-Village
Sarah Greenfield. General Services.
Loni Conley, Northwestern Mutual
Margie Swanson, MH Swanson and Associates
Maggie Morris, United Bank
Stacia Harris, Channel 19 TV, on air anchor
Wendy Ann Edwards, WINA on anchor
Kaye Monroe, Dream Builders Academy
Crystal Napier, Renee Solutions
Jessica Tiller, JD- Tiller and Associates
Lydia Elissa Wilson, Southern Sun Media
Jamie White, Real Estate
Patsy Child- School Teacher