for facebookThe Foundation incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit corporation under the Virginia Non-stock Corporation Act.

OUR MISSION is to give women a voice by being the repository, central clearinghouse and promoter of women in all areas regarding women and children’s issues, resources and services available locally and nationally as well as educating women in a variety of topics- parenting, business, health and education- in the process.

Whether you are single, married, a parent, in business or career,

WE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE at What Wize Women Want!

WHAT DO WIZE WOMEN WANT out of life? What is getting in your way?
Are you suffering from information overload and don’t know where to turn?
Are you using your gifts and talents? Do you know what they are?
Are your children misbehaving badly?
Are you constantly in unhealthy relationships?
Are you living YOUR dream, Society’s or Someone’s idea of who you should be?
How much is it costing you not to live your dream or follow your passion?

– Sort out the Confusion and information Overload- SIMPLIFY
– Uncover and Train you in Missing Skills
– Design a Pathway to living a life of Joy, Balance and Fulfillment.

* Private Consultations
* Training Programs
* College Courses
* Deeply Informative TV and Radio Shows
* DVD’s and CD’s
* Publications, Articles and Newsletters
* Support Groups
* Webinars, Seminars and Telemars

Encouraging  Women’s Voices to Make Informed Choices™naked women

What Wize Women Want is a Foundation that empowers, uplifts, educates, unites and mobilizes PHD’s (Passionate, Hungry and Determined) women to make informed choices utilizing their 85% purchasing power as a vote for change. With a multidimensional, interdisciplinary approach towards information accessibility to make this a better world for children and themselves, the Foundation is a beacon for sorting, filtering and transmitting information from a variety of venues including television/radio programs, private consultations, presentations, classes, women’s symposiums, webinars, and teleclasses. In this age of information overload, vested interest chatter and selling campaigns, women claim they are afraid and confused by the tactics which perpetuate propaganda advertising and disinformation toward their families and themselves making it impossible to know what’s best.

The purpose of the Foundation is to educate the public on the subject of women’s issues and concerns which include:

1)      Women in the Work World: Can We Have it All?

2)      Women and Health: Alternative Therapies

3)      Women’s Stereotypes, Images, Roles

4)      Women’s Untold, Never Discussed Secrets

5)      Women’s Life Skills: Which are The Essentials?

6)      How Can Society Project Healthy Stereotypes & Body Image to Children?

7)      Do Children Suffer Spiritual Bankruptcy From Consumerism?

8)      Can Violence in Boys Be Prevented?

9)      Which Are Essential Elements of Healthy Children’s Play?

10)  What Constitutes a Good Education?
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The Foundation creates multidimensional, interdisciplinary lifestyle environments by:

  • defining realistic goals for themselves
  • elevating the status of women and children to have an influential voice in the world
  • developing strategies for balancing career through time management and priority defining
  • transforming business paradigms to better accommodate women
  • educating women for business success strategies
  • recognizing and clarifying the issues, beliefs and habitudes that trip them up
  • filtering conflicting propaganda and volumes of dis-information
  • defining comfort zones and boundaries for communication and discipline
  • formulating healthy living strategies in all areas of life
  • seeking emotional and spiritual support from appropriate, healthy relationships
  • supporting the 54% of single motherhood populations with resources, mentoring
  • supporting younger women with elder mentors for modeling behavior
  • training women in the benefits of natural birthing, child rearing, child development, products for children
  • educating children with and for 6C’s- character, curiosity, compassion, creativity, co-operation and communication as well as the three R’s
  • pressuring lawmakers for legislation and laws that sustain the healthy balance of body, mind, spirit, emotions and souls of children and mothers

The focus is:

1)      Women need information.

2)      Women need access.

3)      Women need support structures.

4)      Women need connection and relationships.

5)      Women need cost-effective options.

6)      Women need to tell their secrets in an anonymous forum.

7)      Women need other women who share their ideologies.

8)      Women love to make purchases that suit their needs.

9)      Women have busy, multitasking lives.

10)   Young Women need Elder Mentor Types.

We aim to assist women with all of the above………….