Alternative Education Models

September 13, 2015 authentic 0

Gleamer Sullivan Raw Learning Democratic School Wendy Fisher Montessori School Suzanne Ryan Waldorf School Read more […]

TV Show Loss of a Child

September 30, 2014 authentic 0

Ann Postak and Kathleen Olowin discuss the effects of losing a child (SIDS, Miscarriage, infant) on family, self, community and its aftermath.

Sacred Living Traditions

April 1, 2014 authentic 0

Sacred Living Traditions: INTERCONNECTEDNESS Having lived with Indigenous People’s, there is much to be learned from ancient wisdom. This planet emerged from billions of years […]

Suzanne Ryan

March 5, 2014 authentic 0

Essential Elements of a Good Education; April 8- April 12, 2014 Suzanne Ryan joined the CWS faculty as a class teacher after eight years as […]

Takesha Ellis

February 18, 2014 authentic 0

05.25.2014. Death of a Child. Takesha Ellis works as a HR Analyst at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, VA. Takesha resides in Charlottesville with […]

Ann Postak

February 16, 2014 authentic 0

03.25.2014. Death of a Child. Ann Postak graduated Magna Cum Laude from VA Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After the birth […]

Antonia Albano

February 16, 2014 authentic 0

02.18.2014. Indulging in Resorts. Antonia Albano, Co-Founder/Owner, General Manager, South River Highlands Country Retreat & Heartstone Retreat, Buena Vista, Virginia 24416, (4 miles from Lexington) […]

Margaretta McIlvaine

February 16, 2014 authentic 0

02.18.2014. Indulging in a Resort. Margaretta McIlvaine is an intuitive healer and clairvoyant who assists clients in connecting with all aspects of their multidimensional selves […]

Kathleen Olowin

January 14, 2014 authentic 0

TV SHOW GUEST 02.18.2014 Kathleen Olowin is the author of Angles in My Heart: A Journey of Love and Loss. The book chronicles her journey […]