Ann Postak

P1030084 (2)03.25.2014. Death of a Child. Ann Postak graduated Magna Cum Laude from VA Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After the birth of her first child she left her position teaching preschool to be a full time mom at home. However, her subsequent pregnancies did not always have a happy ending. Five of Ann’s pregnancies ended in miscarriage. She gave birth to six children, but lost their first daughter just before her first birthday. As a result of her many losses, Ann’s surviving children range in age from thirty-one to ten.

Several years ago Ann helped a friend in Richmond respond to a need for recognizing parents who suffered the loss of a child before and after birth. As a result a day long workshop was developed for grieving parents. Everyone who participated benefitted from the recognition of their personal loss. Ann brought the workshop to the Charlottesville area in hopes of helping others share their experiences and find healing. She feels it is important for our community to acknowledge what parents feel for the children they lost before birth, during birth or after birth, is real and needs to be recognized. Ann encourages and promotes opportunities for those who grieve the loss of a child to get together to share their experiences and feelings.