Debbie Crosby Louis

Debbbie Louis03.18.2014. Prescription Drugs and Children. Debbie Crosby Louis is a certified Image Consultant, Executive Life Coach, Corporate Training Facilitator and Speaker with over 25 years experience. She is a member in good standing with the Association for Image Consultants International (AICI). After receiving her undergraduate and postgraduate education in Business Administration at Kingsborough College and the University of Pittsburgh, Debbie started in investment banking on Wall Street. She then launched her small consulting business in New York City. Debbie continued her business since moving to Charlottesville, Virginia in 1997. She consults with personal and corporate clients at critical junctures in their careers on Image, and on acquiring the right tools and perspective to evolve, advance and thrive in both their professional and personal lives.
She keeps abreast of the latest developments in her trade with semi-annual seminars and workshops offered by AICI, and the Protocol School of Washington.
She owns a private label line of Skincare and Cosmetic products called, Deché.
An avid supporter of Holistic and Integrative Medicine, Debbie believes that eating right and exercise are key to not just a youthful appearance but also to balancing your life.
Debbie is a native of Trinidad & Tobago, who lives in Charlottesville with her husband, three children and their dog.

Debbie Crosby Louis
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