Devi Herrsche

TV SHOW GUEST 02.18.2014 DEATH OF A CHILD. For 20 yrs, Devi Herrsche, and her husband, Ron, owned and operated Westhampton Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA. While working either as front-desk administrator or as off-site management consultant for their business, Devi homeschooled their daughter, Mikela from 2nd grade to graduation. Five years ago, Ron and Devi sold their practice and home, scaled-back and semi-retired to a quiet town in the Northern Neck, where they could kick back and write a screenplay, something on Ron’s bucket list. Soon, they joined forces with a physician led national network of 10,000 health coaches. As Executive Director with Take Shape for Life, Devi has educated and empowered nearly two hundred clients from all over the country to develop life-long habits of health, and to avoid or recover from the epidemic of obesity, a leading cause of health decline in America.

Despite their extensive background in health, Devi and Ron experienced shock and awe when their daughter tragically lost her baby son, midway through pregnancy–shocked to learn how emotionally devastating and how commonplace miscarriage is, and awed by how lonely and silent is the suffering for women who lose their unborn babies. With Mikela’s permission, Ron wrote his third screenplay, intimately exposing her despair, grief and healing. Mikela’s story and baby Caleb’s legacy are set to dismantle the taboo around the topic of miscarriage, heighten general sensitivity and create opportunities for support systems to take form. Producing his first film, Ron deliberately hired an all-female creative team, including an award winning director, an internationally acclaimed cinematographer. Devi served as production designer, creating sets,
organizing props, and coordinating the team of wardrobe, hair and makeup experts. The film, You Follow Me Like the Moon, premiered June 8th, 2013 and is available in the