Naomi Atkins

NaomiNaomi Aitken, Virginia Department for Aging & Rehabilitative Services Counselor Manager has 34 years experience in rehabilitative services. Beginning as a rehabilitation education specialist (Syracuse University Rehabilitation Training Center) her experience covers several rehabilitation agencies and a wide spectrum of clients. Ms. Aitken is known for creative solutions to complex problems and her ability to link with a wide array of people and agencies in meeting the needs of clients, staff, employers and colleagues. She manages staff and programs serving individuals with a variety of disabilities, applying evidenced-based practices to provide services leading to successful employment. She serves as the chair for the Family Treatment Court Advisory Board, serves on the Management Teams for both Culpeper and Charlottesville Workforce Centers, and is an active member of the Piedmont Workforce Network Board, as well as the Marketing and Branding Committee for the PWN.